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A New Chapter Has Arrived

CUhlDesigns went from being founded on jewelry making when I was young to being an artist hub when I learned HTML to being a platform for my photographic endeavors and is now turning the page once again to become a specialty events business.

With 20 years in catering and events, I'm finding more and more reason to build out specially curated events that elevate producers, business owners, and industry innovators at the very same time as they elevate the creator, the maker and the hustler.

We believe in better practice. Sustainability wherever possible and creating new ways of thinking within the event industry. Our mission is to partner with and support businesses that are creating innovation to reduce waste and harness better business practices for our future.

In the meantime we still provide mobile bartending and professional photography as well as custom CUhlDesigns Merchandise. We can curate an event for you and team up for a dedicated promotional event.

Let us know if you are a bartender that would like to showcase your talent or if you are a local Portland business that would like to host an event, or if you need a professional bartender or photographer for your next upcoming event. Also check out our homepage for information and tickets to upcoming events.

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