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would like to present to you our


A curated event that gives you the opportunity to experience the cocktail from behind the glass.


We partner with local beverage producers and professional bartenders to bring you a flavor experience infused with tips, tricks, and industry tidbits.


Come watch local bar professionals speak about and hand create a premium cocktail so that you can better understand the taste proponents within the glass. 

Each session is a new and different demonstration with an entirely different flavor journey celebrating the work that local beverage producers and mixologists do to create quality products that become the delicious cocktail.


CUhlCocktails in conjunction with CUhlDesigns put this pop-up together to celebrate the craft of creating an exquisite beverage and spotlighting the professionals out there that have studied, practiced and hand crafted the wonderfully delicious beverages we enjoy every day.


Buy Tickets here for our Debut Event

Come gather at the Boundary Social Club lounge to hear about Oregon City's prize distillery Trail Distilling and how they are using Oregon pinot noir barrels to age their delicious gin. Let Charles, Zander, and Christina take you on a flavor journey through three different spirits in three original cocktails.

Saturday January 21st 2023

0126 SW Mitchell St.
Portland, Oregon 97239
(attached to the Elephant's Deli at SW Corbett Ave.)

Buy your tickets here, Get to know your bartender below

No upcoming events at the moment

Meet your bartenders

Charles is a wine and spirits professional with over 20 years of experience. He has spent his career working as a Captain, Sommelier, and Bar Manager in Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as a distribution and sales representative. 


Charles Hildreth

Professional Beverage Crafter

Currently runs the beverage program at the Boundary Social Club in Portland, Oregon

Zander is a dedicated beverage professional and a cocktail enthusiast who constantly studies and tracks the flavors he experiments with. He consistently reads cocktail books and is always actively working on flavor development.


Zander Emery

Professional Bartender & Cocktail Enthusiast

A multi-bar dedicated cocktail concocter whose enthusiasm is unmatched 

Christina is a creative entrepreneur & food industry professional who has recently perfected her skills in the mixology world with spirits education and a recent mentorship. She specializes in home made original syrup recipes.


ChrisTina Uhl

Creative Food Industry Professional

A freelance mixtress, an entrepreneur, an events specialist & the creator of CUhlCocktails


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