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About CUhlDesigns

My name is Christina and I am the founder of CUhlDesigns and the photographer behind CUhlPhotography. I first started shooting photography in the middle of the snowy slopes of Steamboat Springs Ski Area in Colorado. I stood in the elements day after day capturing photos of people skiing by practicing what it takes to properly expose a photo to the conditions you are shooting in and truly learning what it takes to get the right shot.

I immediately bought my own camera as soon as that season ended and it has been at my hip, or around my neck ever since. After studying photography at Colorado Mountain College, I became much more familiar with all of the intricacies of the business of photography. This is where I learned data management, honed my Adobe creative skills, was challenged to adapt to new and different shooting techniques, and learned about an array of technicalities surrounding the production of photography.

All of that gave me the tools I needed to formulate CUhlDesigns. I created every photo on this site. I now have more than 7 years of experience with professional shoots. I do not limit my shooting. I have an extensive and diverse portfolio which you can explore throughout this site. I absolutely love the challenge of a new project. My goal is to build lasting relationships with people who love great photos. I incorporate my skills in post-production with an intricate eye for composure, beauty, and color. I emphasize the candid moments of life at its best in order to create stunning imagery that tells a beautiful story.

CUhlDesigns Photography

Currently based in Portland, Oregon

CUhlDesigns works with business, corporate and personal clients / projects

It serves the general Portland area and the Pacific Northwest

It specializes in restaurant, event, and action photography

We love creative challenges


CUhlBiz family of businesses

As the years have gone by my love of photography has evolved to fuse together with other passions of mine. I slowly and steadily have built multiple different businesses that utilize my photography in different ways.

This is the overview of my different business channels.


CUhlDesigns Photographer

CUhlDesigns is a multifaceted photography platform offering professional photo shoots without boundaries. It offers personalized photographic services with direct booking and free consultations. It also offers personalized photo products including fine art prints, household items, wearables and accessaries.

CUhlCocktails is a mobile bartending and cocktail catering company. CUhlCocktails creates a full service bar at your event. They can create a custom cocktail and/or mocktail menus and entirely take care of beverage services at your next event. They also offer cocktail classes and education. CUhlCocktails partners with CUhlDesigns to offer professional cocktail photography.

CUhlCocktails Mobile Bartending
CUhlFood Food website

CUhlFood is the CUhlBiz hobbyist site. It takes a deep dive into food in all it's aspects. You can find a comprehensive food photography gallery. You can find in depth blogs about the food industry and it's impacts on our lives. You can find formal restaurant reviews. You can even find a nutrition corner and food prep information and instructions. CUhlFood partners with CUhlDesigns to create incredibly enticing food imagery.

Professional Accomplishments


Winner in the Sports & Fitness category in the 2019 Pop Awards PDX


Winning image


Finalist for the 2019 Pop Awards PDX

Christina Uhl of CUhlDesigns Photography has been announced as a finalist in 2 categories in the 2019 Pop Awards photography competition.


Official Photographer for the Portland International Beerfest 2019

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 6.49.01 PM.png

Published in multiple issues of the Valley Voice Newspaper in Steamboat Springs, CO (2016/2017)


Official Photographer for Steamboat City Council Creative Arts Council nomination tour 2017


Official Photographer for Steamboat Wake Sports

Summer 2016/2017

Bud Werner Library 10

Property Photographer for CJAMS Property Management in Steamboat Springs, CO



Logo Designer

Steamboat Art Strokes Paint & Sip Studio 

Steamboat Springs, CO


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