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Why I shoot event photography

CUhlDesigns Event Photography

I was 15 years old and my father didn't generate a very hefty income, but I had insisted on living with him at the time so it was time I get a job. He had a buddy in town that owned the butcher shop who did great business and needed a few extra hands, so that summer I started catering. My first event was a classic country wedding on a beautiful ranch at the end of town. There was a massive reception tent and the barn was set up as the banquet hall draped in yellow ribbon highlighted with white flowers the table centerpieces were live bouquets made in old cowboy boots on a small block of raw cedar that was cut that day for the fresh effect. It was stunning and beautiful.

Later I moved to the city for college. After searching long and tirelessly to find employment in a struggling economy with limited skills, I landed an on-call position with an enormous company that catered events all over the city. My largest event in that company was at the Bronco's stadium (called Invesco Field at the Time). It was a wedding for one of the Broncos players and the guest count was a massive 2400. Though I also did events at that company for 24 people. Luncheons at mansions in Cherry Hills.

CUhlDesigns Event Photography

Work stayed exciting. It wasn't easy work, but it was always fascinating to see the scale of celebration that people orchestrate. We were meant to gather and you can see it at any event you attend. This is exactly why I began working my way into event photography. The best photograph you can take of a person is the one that's captured when they are feeling fully alive. This is easy to find at events and celebrations they do truly highlight all the things we live for.

"The best photograph you can take of a person is the one that's captured when they are feeling fully alive."

My experience with event photography has been very diverse. I hosted some of my own events when I was first building CUhlDesigns.

I've shot the photography for a city tour of my home town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I've also shot weddings and corporate events along with small projects like award luncheons and small conferences. I look forward to growing and expanding my event portfolio and being there to capture the aspirations, goals, and accomplishments that are being achieved everywhere, everyday. Book with CUhlDesigns Photography and mention this blog post to receive a 25% discount on the photography for your first event with us. You can find more information about what to expect during our event services on our events page, and you can book directly on our contact page.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day

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