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Live Art Summer Fun

This summer so far has been full of CUhlDesigns art events. I started CUhlDesigns in February in hopes to bring a small community of very talented emerging artists together.

At first we started with a debut event at the Back Door Grill downtown. It featured a very talented local painter named Ray Sabastian creating an acrylic on canvas piece to be raffled off with $2 raffle tickets.

It was a good first night that featured 5 different local artists consisting of two photographers, a painter, a multi-media artist, and a clothing and collage artisan. There was a decent turnout and the lovely bartenders of the evening ended up winning the raffle.


Our next event featured Ray Sabastian again this time at Colorado High 5 Pizza bar. We followed our original concept of a $2 raffle to win the painting. It was a slow start, but a decent crowd showed up later on for the DJ portion of the event.

DJ Leprechaun spun a funky and fun set after the painting was finished. A nice couple from Kansas City ended up winning the painting of an awesomely colorful volcanic beach scape.

Ray does not do any special preparation for these events, he just feels what he feels when he gets there and ends up using his imagination to expel the rest.

Once these events are finished Ray applies an archival matte varnish as a sealant to the painting, and we meet the winners to drop off the painting.


Our latest live art event was a Memorial Day kick off celebration at the Steamboat Smokehouse.

We switched the canvas to a circular saw blade, and invited DJ Leprechaun back to play a set following the live art.

We had a great time with this set up because we were able to set up in a quiet place in the hallway between the Smokehouse and Ciao Gelato. This allowed for decent conversation without having to talk over the bar noise. This was a large display and people were dancing long into the night!

I'd like to send a big thanks to our venues: • Back Door Grill • Colorado High 5 • the Steamboat Smokehouse

I'd like to send an even bigger thanks to our featured artists • Ray Sabastian • Dj Leprechaun • Katie Moore • Julie McNally • Brittany Hooper

& I'd certainly like to thank all the guests that were a part of these events

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