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CUhlDesigns Debut Live Art Event

CUhlDesigns started with a bang. We held a live art event at Steamboat's Back Door Grill. CUhlDesigns artist Ray Sabastian was commissioned to paint an acrylic piece on canvas while a handful of other CUhlDesigns artists had their art up for display. It started out fairly quiet, but as each artist started to get their pieces up on the walls it all started to come together.

We had Julie McNally displaying pieces from the McNastitron Image Collective:

We had Katie Moore of KLM Creations displaying a few of her mixed media acrylic on canvas pieces:

We Had Brittany Hooper displaying her Swai Clothing™ hemp t-shirts, hand decorated cigar boxes, and handmade jewelry:

We also had some CUhlPhotography finished pieces up for display:

Between 5 and 8 pm Ray was able to produce a beautiful river-scape while demonstrating the technique he was using, and answer questions from anyone interested in what he was doing. During that time CUhlDesigns was selling $2 dollar raffle tickets to anyone who was interested in the painting.

Once the painting was finished we did the drawing to pick a winner for the painting. The lovely bartenders of the night bought extra tickets to up their chances and won the drawing. They were quite pleased.

It was a successful debut in every account. The artists were happy, the attendees were happy, and these ladies got their painting delivered to them within one week with an archival varnish coating as a finished piece. With the smiles we got to enjoy here at our debut, we have many more exciting events just like this coming up this summer. Keep an eye on the CUhlDesigns Event Calendar for the opportunity to be a part of a fun and exciting event like this. CHEERS!

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