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Adventure, Action & Travel Photography


Action & Adventure Photography

skiing • kite skiing • snowboarding • snowmobiling • skateboarding • long-boarding • wakeboarding • wake surfing • surfing • sailing • rowing • fishing • running • cycling • unicycling • tennis • volleyball • basketball • hockey • baseball • swimming • diving • racing • rally driving • dune surfing • scooting • stilt walking • rafting • climbing • golfing • base jumping • bungee jumping






Whatever your passion is, let CUhlDesigns photography capture it for you.

With many years of perfecting timing and exposure we've learned how to capture the best action shot of your career. 

Planning a trip? ...

Whether you are perfecting your outdoor craft, fighting for humanitarian causes, or just taking a family vacation, CUhlDesigns photographer is quite adventurous and loves the idea of jumping along on an adventure. Hire us and we'll artistically document everything!

Contact us today for a free consultation and to schedule for your next comp, promo, or adventure.

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