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Some Important Stuff

We offer an array of different products and services. Our pricing fully varies from client to client as they all have different projects and the work we provide is very much customized to to their project's needs, but here are some things to keep in mind with our pricing...

A Few Things to Know


All of our work is contracted and we verbally walk you through your custom written contract and estimate at the time of booking.


Our minimum service fee is $100 


We require a deposit for booking and we do not book any work without a deposit.


•Deposit minimum is $100. Anything above that, your deposit will be half the estimated cost of service.


We require a minimum of 48 hours of notice for cancellation.

•We do not accept last minute bookings (less than 24 hours prior to your event).

•Hourly active shooting photography rates vary depending on the service but our minimum for even the most simple shoots is $50 an hour*** 


•Hourly rates for any post-production work will begin at  $20 an hour and be specified to your project in your estimate and invoice***

***Services may be sold as part of a service bundle depending on project needs


•All work includes data management; file storage and organization, and includes different file types - JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

•All shoots include 10 original photo files. Depending on the project's needs, you may be charged for additional photo files. This will be discussed in consultation and specified in your estimate of services.


We offer loyalty rates and discounts to recurring customers


We offer bundle rates when purchasing multiple services


We offer printed fine art & souvenir options 

for your images


We offer family, dog, novelty, and landscape photography also

What you can expect when working with CUhlDesigns


CUhlDesigns offers free quotes and consultations. Before committing to any project, we thoroughly discuss each line item that you will see on your final invoice, and why it will be there. All fees associated with the costs of your projects will be discussed during your initial consultation.


CUhlDesigns is not just a photography company. We have worked on projects from Logo concept and design to printing it on the storefront. We have built websites creating the content from start to finish that includes state of the art composite imagery, copy writing, and promotional imagery. We've been published and sponsored for work we have fashioned from photography into digital design. We've produced business cards and other marketing material. Essentially we are ready to take on a wide scope creative projects for you or your business.


CUhlDesigns values our professionalism, but this will never get in the way of how passionate we are about human connection. If you're looking to hire a photographer, you're also looking to find someone with enough expertise to know how to align to your needs of having a positive and productive event or shoot. We're not only creative, but we're also supportive and experienced with tough working conditions and adapting to whatever obstacles come our way.


CUhlDesigns prides itself on the importance of data management. We have built into our contract a statement of guarantee of the safety and backup of your files. This means that we are taking the initiative to have a secure and permanent record of your files.

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Free Quotes & Consultations

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