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Swordfish Fisherman

A little over a week ago I went to downtown San Diego. My mission was to snap a few photos for my San Diego photo series. Problem was, I remembered my camera battery needed a charge but then forgot to put it back into my camera. Once I arrived at the Midway ship and paid for parking I noticed I didn't have the option to get anything better than an iPhone photo so I decided to take my dog on my bike and just explore the area. Not knowing the area, I just followed the pathway down the sea bank and ended up at Seaport Village.

Victory Kiss Statue at the Midway Museum

I thought the area was super cute, but with a low budget for the night and a full belly I walked down a ship dock snapped a couple phone photos. The sun finished setting and I decided to head back toward my car. There was a public restroom near the Midway port and as I headed down that way a fisherman was on his way to dump out his recycling. He was very friendly and was fully admiring my dog. He and I started chatting about dogs and life and the city and the service industry and much more. I can be a "chatty Kathy" every now and again.

I made a few comments about how incredible all the boats were and how I had never been on one and he invited me to come check his out. He said he had been a fisherman his entire life. I came down the dock and tied my dog to a staircase next to the boat and hopped on. That's when I found out that he had been fishing for swordfish.

Please excuse my technical terms as I still am highly uneducated in the fishing department, but he showed me the big net, the buoys that hold it, the bait traps, where the props were on the boat and invited me to keep exploring. His kitchen was as big as mine when I had a studio and fully functional. There were 8 bunks, but their current crew was only 3. He showed me the engine room and explained the differences between the pumps, the generators, and the engines themselves. He let me climb up into the captains quarters and showed me the deck. I got really jealous of his view. It was a perfect view of the city lights and the Coronado bridge.

I eventually had to get on my way, but before I left he was nice enough to grab me a beautiful slice of swordfish to take with me. I've never cooked swordfish before, but I'm certainly very excited to give it a try. Good seafood was the one thing that I was looking forward to the most when coming to the coast. This was such a pleasant unexpected conversation. I love meeting people and finding kindred spirits. Thank you so much Todd and stay awesome!

Charlotte V. Swordfishing Boat

*These photos are unedited iPhone photos*

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